Forgive Her Father?

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Everyone has a father.  Father’s Day can be fun and strengthen relationships between children and dads or it sometimes can bring painful memories of a strained or missing relationship with a father.

Shannon and I have learned a lot over the years from one of our favorite ladies serving in the campus ministry of Cru:  Gladys Hillman.   “Miss Gladys” shares her powerful story of forgiveness here in this video.  We’d love to know what you think.  Also, who do you know who needs to hear this story today?

Privilege of Repenting

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Our family is safe and doing well.  However, our city and extended community of friends has been affected by Sunday’s massacre in Orlando.

The violence, deaths and aftermath are huge reminders that sin is the root cause and Jesus is the only cure.

Our daughter Avery has been taking a few classes at the local community college.   This summer she also landed a part time job there.   We were saddened to learn that, of the 49 people who died at the Pulse nightclub, 8 of them were students at the community college.   Avery did not know them personally.   But it hits home.

Please pray for Orlando

Recently I read Acts 11 and this verse stood out to me:

Acts 11:18 NLT   “We can see that God has also given the Gentiles the privilege of repenting of their sins and receiving eternal life.” The NASB says it this way:  “God granted to the Gentiles repentance that leads to life.”

Why is it a privilege to repent?  And what significance is it that God grants or gives a gift of repentance to people?

Jesus’ ministry on earth began with John the Baptist loudly calling people to repent.  Repentance is a sincere turning away from sin.  If sin is not so bad, it sounds silly to repent.  But sin is exactly what the Bible describes it to be: it is truly bad, truly dark, denying that God is Holy, rejecting the perfection of His goodness to us.  “Small sins” may seem harmless at first, but I inspect my own heart and find that even a spoonful of jealous hatred can snowball into a heinous act.  Without repentance, sin totally owns us all.

When someone sincerely repents, they not only turn away from sin, but they also turn to God.  Jesus said, “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him.”

Is repentance a privilege?  Yes.  Yes, for many reasons, especially when you consider that no sinner deserves anything from God.  He owes us nothing.  In His eyes, any amount of sin is enough to cause an eternal, solid wall to separate us from Him.  Yet, because the sinless Jesus was punished and died for sins, that wall can be torn down.  And it gets even better.  Through faith in Jesus, my penalty for sin can be thrown away as far as the east is from the west.

I’m privileged only because Jesus first paid for me and loved me – long before I repented.  It is a privilege to be able to turn away from sin.  You could say it is a miracle this is even possible.  Living a life dominated by sin surely leads to death.  Anything better than this type of sin-saturated life (death) would be better.  But Jesus gives us something so much better than we deserve.

Getting back to Acts 11, the apostle Peter realized that God granted (allowed and gifted) Gentiles as well as Jews the privilege of repentance.  This is significant because it demonstrated to the early Christians that no race, no gender, no social class, no religious background, no merit or achievement, no status symbol in life, is a credit or a limitation towards repentance that leads to abundant and eternal life.  Good news for me.  I as a Christian and as someone who has appeared as a religious achiever for a long time desperately need the repenting privilege.  Everyone needs it desperately.  Everyone can receive it completely and joyfully.

Please know that Cru is committed to sharing this message of repentance as well as serving all people of Orlando with simple acts of love and kindness.  On our Facebook page, you can see some ways we are praying for and reaching out to Orlando.  Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.  Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us!

Happiest Day of the School Year

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Their happiest day is usually the last day!

Avery, Addison and Toby are smiling pretty wide as they finished up their school year over a week ago.

One of the fringe benefits of homeschooling is that, if the kids work hard, they can actually finish all assignments, reports and end-of-year testing a couple weeks before public schools finish up around here.  Whew!  They’re done.  Summer is here!

Would you take 2 minutes to pray for Avery, Addison and Toby?   We’re grateful for the Lord’s work in their lives and grateful for your positive influence and encouragement to spur their growth.

1)   Pray for their minds, hearts and bodies to continue to be engaged in learning, listening to the Lord and serving others this summer.   Pray for them to experience the deep love and freedom that only the gospel brings.
2)   Thank the Lord for the many great friends and growth opportunities He has provided for our kids this year;  we couldn’t do it without a great homeschool co-op and other supporting friends
3)   Pray for good rest for the school teacher (Shannon) and students, but also wise stewardship of time.  Next year Avery will be entering 12th grade, Addison 9th and Toby 7th

Here are a few photos from their school year:

Check out Avery and Addison in the State House of Representatives!
Avery and Addison at the state capital for a student leadership conference.  Don’t they look important sitting in those chairs?
Video of their hovercraft!
Toby and Avery worked together on a science fair project.  They built a working hovercraft!
Toby combines soccer and ripstick
Toby just finished a year long soccer season.  After the games, he would often hop over to the skateboard park – still in his uniform!


What is BibleBox?

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Our teams are partnering together with distributors of the BibleBox WiFi device.   In short, this is a cheap and easy way to provide thousands of people daily with the Jesus Film, follow up content, Bible reading plans, and a vast array of other digital Christian-growth resources which are so readily available in the Western world that we often take it for granted.

What is a BibleBox?  Take a look at one below.   It is basically a simple, battery powered WiFi broadcaster that can store and distribute videos, books, audio sermons or any media to those who connect to it from their handheld device.  The idea is for believers to strategically place these devices – pre-loaded with God’s Word and resources in appropriate languages – in locations where little to no access to WiFi is available.

BibleBox - yep, it is that small;  photo from
photo credit:

In the US, it is getting difficult to go to any populated area and not find WiFi available.  But millions of people around the world own cell phones capable of receiving WiFi, yet there are very limited WiFi providers in their countries.  Here are a few examples of BibleBox use (list is from the website):

A Christian in an apartment complex in Bangladesh uses his BibleBox to share Christian resources anonymously with others in his complex. They share resources and can even chat online using the BibleBox software out of sight to answer any questions or discuss issues.

A Taxi driver makes resources available to passengers as they journey with him.

Missionary families living in remote communities can have a BibleBox sitting on a window sill of their house or office making Bibles and learning resources available simply by having it turned on. Nothing else is required. Once the device is on anyone with a wifi enabled device simply connects to the BibleBox and can download the shared files.

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