Financial Update

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As we begin 2009, we’re looking to the Lord to cover some significant financial needs.  Overall donations from our ministry partners are down by about 9%.  Basically, we will need an additional $13,000 just to cover our minimum goals and expenses for the year ahead.

Perhaps you know that we are completely funded by individuals who have a heart for what we are doing in ministry.  Campus Crusade has no central funding to pay our salaries.  The Lord has provided for us – entirely through people like you – for over 16 years.

Raising our financial support has been one of the most challenging yet also rewarding things we have ever done.

Recently we gained some deep encouragement gleaned from a financial lesson in history in the life of George Mueller.  Also, there is an amazing story in Scripture (1 Kings 17) about the Lord taking care of Elijah by two different methods.  One method seemed totally irrational – he asked an extremely poor widow to supply him a meal.  She responded that she was just about to eat the last small bit of bread she had and then die.  Yet, God miraculously provided not only a meal for Elijah but many more meals for the widow’s family.

It’s funny how, sometimes, we have trouble believing what God can and can not provide.  I even think, “well, God could give us ____ but He would never provide it by ______.”  As I review the Elijah story, I’m prompted to realize that God is not limited by resource nor the method in which He provides.  He brings His money in His ways.

With that in mind . . .

If the Lord puts it on your heart to give a special one time gift of any amount, we’d greatly appreciate it!  Here’s how you can give:

Give a gift onlineGive safely and quickly online on our personal donations page:

* Year end gifts are tax deductible in tax year 2008 if your gift is postmarked by December 31, 2008.  Gifts in 2008 AND 2009 are needed and appreciated!!

Would you prayerfully consider this?  Thanks.