C’mon, is the Internet really Everywhere?

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Short answer: Yes!  Well, technically, “almost yes.”  There are a few remaining areas on the planet where humans can not have digital contact with other humans.  But if some large venture capital plans pan out, those remaining areas will disappear by the end of 2010.

Did you know that over 1.2 Billion people in the world actively use the internet?  That means 1.2 Billion people view a web site or search the internet regularly, if not daily.  I am one of them.

But, something MUCH more significant than the above statistic is this:  Over 4 Billion people on the planet subscribe to a mobile phone service – over 4 Billion cell phone users connect every day! That means that no matter where you travel in the world today, if you were to walk down the street there’s almost a 60% chance that any man, woman, boy or girl is carrying a cell phone!  And this number is only gaining ground hand over fist.

Of course, some would argue that there are still big “dark zones” or areas of limited coverage. As mentioned above, many mobile companies and internet service providers are racing to close these gaps.  Literally racing. They see the potential profit in increasing their subscribers by a few million or billion.

This race certainly makes things more interesting for people and groups who want to leverage the power of digital technologies to increase the Lord’s Name on the earth. Take a look at the specific areas where some companies are targeting to “close the gaps in coverage” by 2010.  It strikes me that these countries and areas are also some of the least penetrated with the gospel.  Hmmm, the Lord may be up to something here:

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