Why Train? Big Conference this Month

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“David, let me ask you a question,” asked my instructor at a recent training class, “when missionaries encounter a new or difficult challenge in ministry, how do you expect them to know what to do?” I thought about some recent real-life scenarios from those whom I serve: “For example, like when one of our campus field leaders is arrested and wrongly accused of plotting against the government?” I asked. Another recent case came to mind: “Oh, how about when a missionary sees a unique window of opportunity for sharing the gospel – but time is limited and he is away from home with only a cell phone – and he wants to communicate prayer requests with as many people as possible as quickly as possible?”

“Yes, how will these missionaries know what to do?” I thought about it for a while.  While I was still thinking my instructor asked, “What have they been trained to do?”

Then it began to dawn on me that good training leads to good results in pressing situations. Not always, but chances for someone to know what to do are better if they . . . (A) Have been given clear instructions in what is expected and (B) Have been given opportunities to learn best practices on the field.

Our role with Campus Crusade pushes us to stay current on best ministry practices.  We continue to seek and receive training for the sake of training others who will become more effective in building God’s Kingdom.  Whether it’s training in how to answer college students who have tough questions about God, how to start a neighborhood Bible Study or training missionaries in financial stewardship and donations software, we train for God’s glory.

Recently I received an update from on of our fellow missionary who was in Portugal conducting a training session for some staff there serving in operational roles .  It reminded me again of the huge – often understated – value of providing excellent training.

Shannon and I have a great opportunity later this month for some excellent training. We’ll be attending the U.S. Staff Conference for all American based full time staff with Campus Crusade. About 5,000 of our missionaries will be in attendance. Dates are July 21 – 29.

This is a full eight days of seminars, times of worship, equipping sessions and hearing stories from around the world of how the Lord is working through our missionaries and partners.

All staff are responsible to cover their own expenses for attending this event. As this conference only meets once every two years these costs are in addition to our regular ongoing ministry expenses.

The Lord has already provided for most of our travel expenses to and from Colorado. Now we trust Him by faith to provide the estimated $915 Shannon and I each will need for room and board, training materials and the cost of the conference itself.

Please join us in praying that the Lord would supply these additional one time funds. Most of all, pray that this would be a time when we will hear from God and are renewed and refreshed for serving Him.

You may give a gift online. If you need further instructions or prefer give by check, see here: https://give.ccci.org/pages/Contribution_By_Mail.html

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