Social Networking Reshapes World

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For more context, see our post regarding Digital Natives.

And perhaps you’re asking “C’mon, is the Internet really Everywhere?” Well, yes, pretty much.

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I recently read this article and I really agree: “It’s not a matter of when or IF social networking will make a big difference, but to what extent!” – Ken Cochrum – VP for Global Campus, CCCI.

Campus Crusade leaders and any believer who wants to become more effective in communicating in the online world should be wrestling with this question also: “How am I going to change and adapt my communication and collaboration habits?”

If you’re still trying to get your brain around the whole Facebook and Twitter explosion, check out our post How to Follow Twitter Without Using Twitter.

Just a few factoids for you:

  • US College students typically spend 3hrs per visit to Facebook (some would argue this is a very conservative estimate).
  • FB is also becoming a preferred communication channel amongst students overseas, too:  Countries like India and Saudi Arabia have seen about a 300% increase in FB usage in the last year.