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Opening session waiting for t.Keller
Right now Shannon and I are at the training event with about 5,500 other Campus Crusade for Christ staff.  So far it has been a major encouragement.  The training and input we’re receiving is just top notch – it’s just what the Lord knew we needed. THANKS so much for helping us be here and for supporting us in prayer.

Dr. Tim Keller spoke two times on the centrality of the gospel. Here are just a few application notes I put in my journal:

  1. Rejoice that your names are written – enscribed – (past tense) in heaven. Rejoice in the past reality of what Jesus has done for which guarantees the current reality of new life and future reality of heaven.  Luke 10:20
  2. Because of the nature of the gospel, I am a messanger.
  3. The difference between our message (message of the gospel) and others is that ours is not merely just good advice for the spiritual. The gospel is historical news of God coming to earth to seek us out.
  4. Eph. 3:10 “His workmanship” means that, because of His imputed righteousness, I am an artistic work of Jesus – declaring and displaying the beauty and mystery of Redemption to a broken world.

Please download and listen (for free) Dr. Keller’s two talks. I pray the Lord will use them in your life:

1.  The Gospel in You

2.  Messangers

Listen and share other audio messages from our training conference here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/movements-everywhere

Dr. Keller pictured speaking here:
T.Keller part 2

  • Thanks for the mp3s. I enjoyed listening to them on the road this week. I was going to write a comment but it got too long. I posted it to my blog if you want to check it out. Parents of Preschooler at Reynolda Church

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    hi David , i am a Pastor in Passaic New Jersey, born again in sto dgo, preach it by a Campus crusade pastor, i was looking the notes of Tim keller , but once you go to IHOPECOMUNITY.ORG AND THE NOTES ARE NOT THERE, CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME IDEAS HOW TO GET THOSE NOTES OF THIS CONFERENCE ON Dr. Tim Keller spoke two times on the centrality of the gospe

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