More on Dad’s Health

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As I reported a little over two weeks ago, my father hasn’t been doing so well.

He went back in the hospital about 4 days ago.  I’m in Pelham with he and Mom now.  We’re taking turns at the hospital.

Dad’s condition from his dementia has slowly declined over the last few weeks.  Additionally, just after he was admitted to the hosptial a few new issues have cropped up, including:  some sort of upper GI problem or small ucler, an infection causing bleeding in the urinary tract – most likely caused by prostate irritation, and even hiccups that simply will not go away!

The infection and the other problems have left him too weak to walk, and his mental and verbal abilities have really tanked.  At times he is hallucinating, we think.  It is really hard to tell what he is thinking or feeling at times.

This morning, however, Dad did perk up a bit and actually had a very brief “conversation” with his doctor.  I think Dad basically told him he wanted to “get out of here.”  The rest of today he has been quite restful, thankfully.

We’ll keep you posted.  The doctor indicated it’ll be at least 2 or 3 more days before his infection is under control.