Encouraging Stats from Global Media Outreach

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A few weeks ago we posted the scoop on Global Media Outreach – one of Campus Crusade’s Global Evangelistic Web Site Strategies.  Want to learn how easy it is to be involved in reaching out to people all over the globe through your home computer?  Volunteer with Global Media Outreach (GMO).  As the image above describe, almost 2 million people every day look for God by searching for Him on the Internet!  A large percentage of these are visiting sites such as Jesus2020.com, TrueLoveandGod.com and 4StepstoGod.mobi – these are just 3 of hundreds of web sites GMO operates.

See how people are coming to faith in real timeThis map is very cool to watch!

In 2009, Global Media Outreach:

  • Presented the gospel 61,695,024 times
  • Saw 10,502,641 people indicate a decision for Jesus
  • GMO volunteers responded to 1,943,585 emails requesting follow up from 191 countries

For another view of internet evangelism in real time, check out another real time estimate of numbers of people coming to faith.  This one is not associated with Global Media Outreach:  http://www.internetevangelismday.com/worldpopulation.php