Can you spell endocrinologist?

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We’ve got an appointment with Toby’s pediatric endocrinologist this morning.  It’s been four days since he came home from the hospital and actually he’s doing fantastic.  The shots are still … well, shots but Toby seems to be tolerating them like a man at this point.

Please pray that the doctor keeps him on the same schedule for shots and that his glucose levels have been acceptable.  Pray too that we can learn as much as possible about how to care for Toby.

Photo of our world of shots and monitoring

Photo:   Our new world of syringes, glucose monitoring, log book, and meal planning. We’re learning about stuff that we couldn’t even spell last week! 🙂 God’s good though. Nice that we don’t have to learn it all in one day.

  • Kristie Munsey

    I'm glad that Toby is handling it well. Kids are much more adaptable that most adults!

  • Bobgailwade

    The Wades are praying for you all. What a big change for you all. God is with you in all this. Gail

  • Mhpear

    It is a bit daunting…You are talking to someone who has to wear leg braces for mediial tears, do PT, do physical exercises, use a tens unit occassionally and take care of me and the dog. A stair chair lift is in the future and hearing aids…so I understand…Take a deep breath and tackle what is in front of you for today and this moment; do the the next thing, and pray… for strength, love, time, and understanding. I know it is all thrown at you at one time because diabetes is quite a lifestyle change, but with the Lord's help you and Toby will do it and God is ever present with you through it all. This is no surprise to Him. Rom. 8:28 comes to mind here.

    God bless. love you.
    Mary Helen