Learn Diabetes from a 6 Yr Old

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Toby is one of about 3 Million Americans who have Type 1 Diabetes. Last week we took the whole family to a two day conference here in town sponsored by Children with Diabetes.  It was an excellent education event geared towards helping families learn about Diabetes together and grow in confidence in dealing with it.

Shannon and I left with our heads chock full of new information.  The kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  I think they all learned a lot just by being around other diabetic kids – watching them stop periodically to do their own blood sugar checks.  A couple days after the conference Toby, without fanfare, just started doing his own blood checks – it’s done via a finger prick and electronic meter device.  He does it like a pro now.

Even though we heard very good medical descriptions of what Diabetes is and how to manage it, this video below is by far the best explanation we’ve come across yet for Type 1.   Several common misconceptions are dispelled.  This is a very cute six year old girl explaining Diabetes in plain English!
Would you take 2 minutes to watch this?  It’ll make you smile and you’ll know a little more of how to pray for Toby:

Here’s the direct link to the video on YouTube.

  • Nicole Parker

    As someone who has tried to explain Type I diabetes many times, I really appreciate this darling video! Toby is on my mind and in my prayers constantly. Blessings to you guys!

    -Nicole Parker

  • Barbara Creech

    Wow Toby! We are in Ireland watching your video! Thank you for letting us know how to pray for you. Griffin who is 7 says hello! I am not diabetic but both my grandfathers had diabetes. When my blood sugar gets low I feel like lying on the ground so I quickly go drink some apple juice and then get a big spoonful of peanut butter and put honey on top and eat it. I feel better quickly. God bless you. We hope you are having a good summer. Love, The Creeches, serving God in Ireland. (PS tell your mommy and daddy they have a free place to stay whenever they want to bring you all here. 🙂 )