Incredible Student Led Movement in Ethiopia

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While we’ve received amazing reports of the Lord moving in Ethiopia the last couple of years, this story really captures the heart of what God is doing.  We implore you to watch this brief video on YouTube.

Certainly all credit is due to God’s grace and power at work in the lives of students.  Truly, this is “a God thing” and not a credit to Campus Crusade’s strategy:  We have less than 14 full time staff in the entire country.

Poor Are Rich?

From childhood I remember haunting news media images from Ethiopia of famine stricken Ethiopian children.  Today the famine is over, and while Ethiopia is still a relatively poor but growing country I sense that the Lord is bringing marvelous redemption there.  Just think:  some of the very children who survived the famines 20 and 30 years ago are now sharing the “richest of fare” in real life with Jesus.

As described in Acts, Jesus will turn the world upside down through university students who follow Him wholeheartedly.

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