Your iPhone as Spiritual Conversation Starter

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Our culture loves movies.

I’ve posted previously about the Global Short Film Network – an amazing new start-up ministry within Campus Crusade for Christ International.

Cooperating filmmakers worldwide post their short movies to GSFN’s web site.  Most films are less than 10 minutes in duration and all are “clean” and have some thread or angle which relates to spiritual topics.

The beauty is that you can download many of these movies to your iPhone, iPad or mobile device. What then?  Watch them merely for your personal entertainment?  Yes, but more importantly you can share them with people who yet to know Christ.  It even could be effective as a new form of street evangelism: find some young people hanging out at a park, bus stop or campus and ask if they will give you their opinions on a new movie.  Let them watch it and then ask, “How do you think this movie represents God? … Does this movie make you think differently about God? … How do you see yourself in this movie?  … Do you think most people think like or act like the people in this movie in relation to their spiritual beliefs?”

Don’t have an iPhone or mobile device capable of playing movies?
Then why not invite over a small handful of pre believing friends to watch a few of the films on your DVD player at home?

The scoop:

If you can not see the video above, try this link.