Million Day Milestone

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See Image: Historic Day for Global Media Outreach

Totally an answer to prayer through an amazing “pull” from God.  Last month, Global Media Outreach (one of our evangelistic web ministries – we have posted about them previously here), set a crazy goal of trying to get 1 Million visitors to engage on their sites within a single 24 hour period.

The Lord did it!

Here’s a quote from Global Media Outreach’s blog:

In all yesterday there were:

1,094,614 Visitors to our gospel sites

111,859 Indicated Decisions

13,514 Emails to our Online Missionaries

Less than 6 years ago, Global Media Outreach would have been pleased to see approximately 2 Million visitors during an entire year!  So, no doubt, the Lord has really opened up the floodgates on the Internet and is drawing incredible numbers of people seeking God.   And it’s really encouraging that over 12,000 of the 101,000 people who indicated decisions for Jesus on March 24 engaged further in email follow up – requesting discipleship and prayer follow up by email.

GMO Staff member getting fueled up before the 24hr marathon online outreach:

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Ramping things up in the control room before 12am when the outreach started:

See photo: in the GMO control room