Look Ma, I’m on Your Phone

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As you know, it’s not just a cell phone anymore.

More and more people are using their mobile phone to “do” email, catch up on facebook and read articles on the web.  We even have a mobile friendly version of your favorite web site: HandsHeadlines.comHandsHeadlines Mobile Version

If you have a web enabled mobile device – such as an iPhone, Android based phone, Blackberry Web, iPad or Windows Phone – go to HandsHeadlines.com using your phone’s browser.  This is what you should see:

Did you also know we’re on Facebook and Twitter?  We don’t overload your wall (or inbox) with constant messages, but we are there if you want to follow us.  Twitter even allows you to receive a text message for any particular person you are following – that way your phone doesn’t have to be web enabled.

Just wanted to make sure you had the latest scoop.