Ideas that Ship: What it was like at MinistryNet

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MinistryNet Conference cool photo on siteMinistryNet Conf cool photo on site

What happens when 170 creative volunteers and staff from 32 countries gather in one place for three days to answer the following question? ….

How do we leverage the huge opportunities of the internet to deliver the timeless, unchanging message of Christ in fresh, changing ways?

Earlier this month, my team from Orlando helped host this major conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  Even amidst terrible flooding in the country, our gathering was a major success – thanks to God.

Bangkok or Bust: Campus Crusade Talks Tech Amidst Historic Thailand Floods was the article the Christian Post e-zine wrote detailing.  You can check out the article here.

Ideas that Ship:

One of the unique of our conference was spending two hours each morning in small innovative workgroups. Each workgroup made a plan to solve a problem or develop an innovative approach to moving people from making a decision, to being a disciple of Jesus. At the end of the conference, each group presented their proposed solution as a video.  The best solutions will receive seed funding to develop a prototype.

Imagine the power of 170 people returning home to 32 countries with new strategies, new passions, new relationships with like-minded digital ministry entrepreneurs! This is our dream becoming reality.

So, like FedEx, our goal for each workgroup was NOT simply to talk about ideas, but to DELIVER an idea that could work.  You can see each of the videos of proposed solutions here on YouTube.

Would you also like to know more about the diverse projects in internet ministry happening in Campus Crusade for Christ? Visit the MinistryNet Conference Virtual Ministry Fair.

MinistryNet Conference cool photo on site    MinistryNet Conference cool photo on site