Who are The Other 16?

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16 + 1 = 17.  I am one of the 17.  Are you?

By far, the YouVersion Holy Bible App was my favorite, most frequently used “app” on my mobile devices in 2011.  Most likely, it will be my most frequently used app in 2012 too.

Watch this great video from YouVersion to learn more:

YouVersion.com offers a free Bible reading app for most smartphones. Read the Bible in your own language, using a Bible reading plan or even listen to the Bible as it is read to you.  Since I rarely go anywhere without my mobile phone these days, YouVersion has made my phone my “first stop” in connecting with The Word.  Honestly, it has helped me read the Bible more regularly than ever before.

Download the Bible for your phoneAs of late last year, about 1 in every 17 iPhone and Android owners had installed a copy of the Bible app on their phones.  That’s well over 30 MILLION people worldwide.  30 Million!!  And millions more are reading the Bible on their computer via YouVersion.com – the web site version of the app.  (No, you don’t have to own an iPhone or Android to take advantage of their reading plans).

This is phenomenal.  Think about this huge number of people who are reading God’s living and active Word daily on their phones.  However, the statistic above also indicates that 16 out of 17 iPhone and Android owners have not yet installed the Bible.

What if every person who has installed this app – containing the living Word of God – could find 16 other people who don’t have it yet and let them know about it?

“Nice phone.  Do you like it?  What are your favorite apps?  Can you show me?  … Do you have the Bible on your phone?  Honestly, it’s my favorite app.  Yep, the Bible is an app!  Want to try it?”

I can easily imagine this conversation unfolding with people I rub shoulders with.

My teammates and I are very excited about the YouVersion vision.  We have several projects this year which will be focusing on leveraging the rapid power of mobile platforms for discipleship.

The Bible App for Mobile Devices
Watch the Video

Check out more at theother16.YouVersion.com.

The Lord is using Bible reading and the explosion of mobile devices for such a time as this!