Rejected after 36hrs of Travel: Watch Selegna’s Story

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Selegna is a young staff woman serving with Campus Crusade in Panama.  Scheduled to be a small group facilitator at the MinistryNet Conference we held in Bangkok in November, she knew that it would take many hours of travel to arrive at the conference.  But little did she know the extra travel adventures the Lord had in store for her.  See Selegna’s story.

Thailand was chosen as the location for our conference because we knew that staff and volunteers from over 30 different countries would be attending.  For the majority of these people – who are not Americans, Canadians nor from Western Europe – travel to any international destination can be uncertain, filled with paperwork, delays, visa requirements  and generally very frustrating.  Westerners usually receive more privileges and international travel is much easier.

We chose the location of Bangkok because it is much easier and cheaper for many of our international staff to travel there than destinations in North America.  Thailand is very open to tourists from all countries, so usually their requirements for entry into Bangkok are minimal.  Usually.

Initially turned away from the entry booth at the Bangkok airport, Selegna had to wait alone for hours and then was forced to travel to Singapore to visit an Embassy there to obtain the proper paperwork for her Thai entry visa.  Then, over a day late for the MinistryNet conference, she returned to Bangkok and was allowed entrance.

Image courtesy of  A USA Passport is often taken for granted by Americans, yet it unlocks travel opportunities most people in the world never get.

We take it for granted what one of these jewels means in the travel world:  (see photo below)  Citizenship is a privilege.  I’m glad I’m a USA citizen, and most importantly, a citizen of heaven. (Philippians 3:20)