Raise an African Army of Mobilizers

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Recent quote:

This is a tool that will help me raise an army from all across the nation; an army of like-minded people who will take the gospel to the rest of the world. In our effort to mobilize the mobilizers, we now have a simple tool that gives us that platform and a launchpad to missions.” – Abel Zulu, lay church leader in Zambia

We implore you to watch this video describing one of the projects our team is involved with – representing several evangelical groups in Africa and Orlando.

Emmanuel is a pastor and seminary professor in Kenya.  He faces a difficult challenge – one which most pastors in America would love to have!  With more than 20,000 new churches in his part of the world, Emmanuel’s seminary in Kenya cannot effectively equip all the pastors needed to lead these new churches.

Brad is a lay pastor who lives in a rural environment, similar to most of the lay pastors who need this training. He lives in neighboring Tanzania, and it takes him an hour to drive from the closest paved road to his village of 2,000 people. He runs his refrigerator on a kerosene engine, collects rainwater for drinking, and he uses solar panels to provide electricity. Yet he has mobile phone coverage at his house. There is a solution to Emmanuel’s challenge. We can now provide life-changing Biblical training to Africans like Brad, all delivered on a mobile phone!

See the video above to learn more.

A couple of days ago three of our teammates returned to Orlando from Africa where they trained almost 30 lay church leaders to conduct their own Bible training courses via mobile phone.  Hopefully I can share the praise report and prayer requests from this trip tomorrow in another blog post.