The Nations Have Faces

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Milan from Slovakia
David with staff member Milan Mitana from Slovakia

Let us introduce you to some staff members from around the world. Your partnership with us in ministry is truly reaching the nations. But in doing so, did you know you were connected to some amazing people?

True ministry touches lives. His work always has a face attached to it. It’s personal.

Daniel from Romania and William from Singapore
LtoR: Daniel from Romania, David and William from Singapore

Meet Daniel from Romania (pictured on my right). Before coming to know Christ, Daniel was a member of the Communist Youth during the reign of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in the early 80’s. Because of Daniel’s family’s “status” in the Communist Party, Daniel was on the fast track to become an officer or political figure in his country. Yet during his years in college, amidst many achievements, he felt empty. It was then he was introduced to Jesus by some American students visiting Romania on a summer missions project. Today Daniel is on staff and himself serves as a missionary – overseeing the ministry in over a dozen countries in Eastern Europe.


Similar stories could be told of William from Singapore (on my right) or Milan from Slovakia (above). Their lives were changed because the Lord used people like you to send missionaries like Shannon and I to reach them face to face. Now Daniel and William lead entire ministries with hundreds of staff who in turn reach out with the gospel one person at a time.

Oumar from Mali and A.K. from Central Asia (pictured below) both first encountered God because people like you made it possible for the Living Word (Bibles) to reach their cities in their native language – Bibles which were given to them hand to hand and face to face.


LtoR: Oumar from Mali, Miheret from Ethiopia, A.K. from Central Asia and David
LtoR: Oumar from Mali, Miheret from Ethiopia, A.K. from Central Asia and David

Miheret from Ethiopia grew up distanced from his father and transferred to over 5 different schools during his grade school years because he bounced around from one friend or relative’s house to another during that unstable time. But in high school Miheret met students involved in Great Commission Ethiopia (Campus Crusade’s name there) and his life was changed. Now Miheret leads a team of missionaries across all of Southern Africa.

You are a key part of these stories. Would you like to hear more?