20 Years Ago

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Tomas from Slovakia
Tomas from Slovakia

September 1992. My feet had just touched the ground in Slovakia for a one year missions project. I had no idea then that 20 years later I would still be serving with the same outfit – now called Cru in America and Voice for Christ in Slovakia.


Really? 20 years? TWO decades??


You have made it possible. Thank you!  You have blessed us so that we could see people in many countries blessed with a Living Hope and experience a blessing from knowing them. That’s a lot of blessing. But it’s absolutely real.


Meet Tomas – who was a self proclaimed atheist when I arrived in Slovakia in 1992. Today he is a great friend as well as fellow believer and missionary with Voice for Christ in Slovakia.


Tomas shares his story in a very brief amateur video clip I captured of him when he visited with us in 2011. Watch the video below:

 Tomas 2min Intro Video

Tomas also describes the reality of being a missionary in Slovakia where it can be very challenging to depend on the Lord 100% (as we do) for his family’s financial support. See video here:

 Tomas Video