Toby’s OmniPod

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Toby tries a demo OmniPod

After praying about it and consulting with Toby’s Endocrinologist for several weeks, we are stepping forward to start using one of these amazing little medical devices.

“Do I have to get shots everyday for the rest of my life?” This was one of the toughest “YES” questions we’ve ever answered to one of our kids.

Toby was 6 years old when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (3 years ago). Since then, multiple times daily, Shannon and I have given him insulin injections. Toby has endured it very well and we have adjusted. But now an insulin pump may make life easier and, in the long run, will help maintain Toby’s health on a more even keel.


What is an Insulin Pump?

It is small with a remote handheld controller

This is a small device which “inserts” insulin into Toby’s body in an automated manner. This specific type of pump – called an “OmniPod” – can even be worn under water. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (a Type 1 Diabetic) and other pro athletes have worn an OmniPod during competion! It stays attached to your skin and has a very small catheter which sends insulin into your arm or leg. Every few days, it must be replaced and attached to a new site on the body.

Although insurance coverage helps a ton, the pump is still fairly costly. But it definitely offers long term benefits for Toby’s health. And it will even allow him to eventually take responsibility for managing his Diabetes on his own.

If you want the simple, in-plain-English facts of how it works and why kids tend to like using an OmniPod, just ask a kid who wears one! This boy named Noah does a great job explaining it in this 2 minute video: