Insulin Saga Continues with Bright Spots

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Avery, Addison and Toby all smiles on 1st day of school

School bells have tolled again at the Hand homeschool and for the 22,500,000 university students around the country returning to campus this fall. Like we’ve seen in our children, each student holds such amazing potential. Alongside you, we’re humbled to see the Lord touch students’ lives and reveal purpose and hope for each of them.

Thanks for praying for Toby. It’s been a little over 6 weeks and he’s going great on his new insulin pump – the OmniPod. He’s actually “wearing” two devices now – one is a continuous glucose monitor which has been a big help in tracking and, occasionally alerting us (audibly) about Toby’s glucose levels while he sleeps at night.

The best part is that Toby can manage these devices, including insulin delivery, all by himself. He even does the insert and setup each time he changes his pod and monitor when needed every few days. The “insert” shoots a small tube (or wire for the continuous monitor) into his skin. Yes there have been a few minor technical glitches, confusing hassles and a definite learning curve. But all in all this chapter in the saga is easy and bright.

See Glucose Monitor Inserted   See a closeup of how small this device really is

So praise the Lord. All this is a major answer to prayer. Thanks for standing with our family through this saga. And thanks for empowering us – through your prayers and partnership – to lean forward in trusting Him with our children and with the goal of seeing our generation completely transformed by the ultimate saga of Jesus and His gospel.

If you know any students returning to college this fall and want to connect them with a Cru ministry on their campus, search for one here. Or, for high schoolers and middle schoolers, you may find this Android mobile app (for Android smartphones and tablets) helpful for anyone with a heart to reach high schoolers.  You can also find locations where Cru has active ministries for urban inner city, young professionals and Military Ministry.