God Moving in Madagascar and Mongolia

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Joyful Mongolian staff member you helped train

This update is brought to you by the letter “M.” Mongolia and Madagascar are miles apart. Many disciples of Christ are multiplying there, marvelously.

Ok, I can only begin so many sentences with the letter m. 🙂 So I won’t go on with the mmmmmm’s. However, it is truly remarkable what the Lord is doing in these 2 countries – very different places yet both experiencing similar stories of exciting growth of new believers.

Take a look at these photos. Do you catch the joy in their faces? These are a few of our staff native to these countries. About 15 or 20 years ago, many of these people did not know the Lord. Most of them had never read one sentence of Scripture in their own language. But now they are full time missionaries …and fruitful missionaries. Some of them are seeing dozens of their countrymen place their faith in Christ every month. They are consistently meeting with new believers for Bible study and the basics of sharing their faith.

Kelly all smiles with a wonderful bunch of staff in Madagascar

Kelly (above: bottom row far left) – a Zimbabwean staff member (read his amazing story here) – went to Madagascar in June. Richard – a Singaporean staff member – travelled to Mongolia in August. Both were able to replicate and deliver a training my team has produced to equip staff with better digital communications tools and strategies.

Kelly's training in Madagascar

Kelly with the staff in Madagascar.  “Tsara Andreamanitra” means God is Good!

Map of the M Countries

Madagscar, a nation off the eastern coast of Africa, is the world’s 4th largest island.  Mongolia is inhabited by nomadic people who live in tents and raise livestock. There are a few cities widely dispersed across the great windswept plains.

Worshipping in Mongolia  worship leader



So humbling to see the Mongolian staff begin the training with extended prayer and worship.

Mongolians praying

P1010315_adjusted  Depending on the Holy Spirit for all

Richard (below) facilitated the training in Mongolia.

Richard (staff from Singapore) led the training  The training lasted 4 days


Thank you for your partnership in ministry with us. Because of your prayers and support, 50 staff in these 2 countries were trained. All of them are now able to leverage digital tools to share their stories, build disciples, strengthen churches, share native language resources and talk about Jesus with more people.

Great results

Thank you!