How to Share Jesus Videos Digitally

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Watch this video to learn how easy it is to use this app for sharing the many creative and evangelistic JesusFilm videos.Do you have an iPad, iPhone, Android device or any “smartphone?”  Even if not – maybe you just stick to the ol’ faithful desktop computer – you can still share these amazing videos via any computer with email.

About a year ago, our team with the JesusFilm released an iPhone/Android App which plays any of the many creative JesusFilm videos …available to watch in almost 1,200 different languages!  Since then, the videos have been viewed over 17 Million times!

Watch this short tutorial video to see how easy it is to use these videos about Jesus to communicate with someone about Him.

There are many videos to choose from – including films that communicate the gospel, offer discipleship training and encourage believers to share their faith!  You could even share the link to one of these videos with a friend in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan or Korea.  Many of the videos have a translated version available in each of those languages! …or perhaps you might even meet a new friend at Wal-Mart or the gas station who speaks one of these languages.  Probably they’d be surprised and encouraged to see that you have a video in their own language right on your phone!

How have you started a conversation about Jesus recently?  If you could follow up with that person by giving him or her a small gift, what would you give?