Gospel to Ends of Earth by 2015?

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We’re incredibly grateful for your friendship and partnership with us in sharing the love of Jesus around the world.

As we begin the new year, we want to share a short video with you. However familiar or unfamiliar you are with the work of Campus Crusade, this will give you a brief picture of how rapidly the Lord has worked and amazingly opened doors for the gospel. Certainly we hope you’ll catch one thing: God is doing extraordinary things to complete the Great Commission!

This year could be the year. It sounds audacious to say it. And, considering all the millions of people in the world who remain unreached, it truly would take a huge, miraculous work of God to complete the Great Commission by 2015. Yet, we are closer than ever before in history!

As audacious as this prayer request is, would you join us in asking God to do it? Ask Him to give us faith to see the final doors opened for the gospel to reach the ends of the earth. There is evidence that several of these doors are opening now.

Please watch the video here and take a moment to pray. Please know your friendship and partnership motivates us in a powerful way to serve the Lord with all our might in 2014. This is our mission and our heart – along with yours.  Thank you!  Please watch:

Video to say thank you and look towards 2014