Mission 865

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Final Frontiers in Showing Jesus

Watch the video above to learn about Mission 865 – one of the most exciting efforts ever attempted to help finish the Great Commission.

An initiative of The Jesus Film Project – a ministry of Cru – Mission 865 seeks to reach the last remaining unreached language groups who do not have their own native language Bible nor Jesus Film.

What would it be like if the only Bible available to you was in a language you did not speak nor understand?   Likewise, if you were watching The Jesus Film for the first time in a foreign language, how would you understand when Jesus says, “I love you!”  That’s the current reality for 865 entire language groups of 50,000 people or more.

How long will it take to translate 865 language tracks of Jesus and begin showing the movie to these unreached peoples?  Possibly faster than you think.  Over 80 of the 865 have been completed in the last year!  If God moves in a mighty way – and we mentioned earlier that there is some evidence that He is doing just that – then we could be reaching the edge of the remaining unreached frontiers of the world within a couple years.