To Reach the Summit

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Thanks for your prayers!

Ready for another quick update on our climb of Mt. Fully Funded?  To catch up on the previous updates, click here.

God is awesome. He has done great things. And He is doing much more than we see or realize to keep us climbing.

Our April 30 faith goal date brought more steady encouragement.  As of today we still need about $955 in monthly commitments to be fully funded.   (See photos below). View of the summit

reaching the ridge line; the mountain air is nice!

Of course we will keep climbing to reach the summit!   The great thing is that now even more people will now have an opportunity to help us plant the flag on the summit.

Several of your specific prayers are being answered or have been already.   Being “on the mountain” for this season has encouraged us in significant ways.

Although “climber man” (see below) may look like he is traversing the slope alone, make no mistake – our climb is a team effort.   In fact, we would have never made it outside of base camp without our amazing ministry partners.

Climber man is part of an awesome team

Obviously we didn’t reach the fully funded peak by our target date.  Yet we are reminded…

We can make our plans,

but the lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 NLT

We have no lack of confidence that the summit is attainable.   HE will get us there.   His plan and His glory are more important than any goal date.

 What’s become unmistakably clear through the climbing process?

Giving is part of worship.  It may sound theoretical, theological or even a little counterintuitive.   But we’ve experienced this aspect of worship through many of you.   You give and share in our ministry with Cru as a means to bless the Lord and make His name great.   It’s not a game.  It’s not really about helping David and Shannon.  Yes, you want us to reach our goal, but your heart attitude to give freely, joyfully and directly to worship the Lord has made an impact on us.   We thank the Lord even more for you.

By faith, we keep asking, seeking, knocking to be fully funded.

Please pause to thank God with us for the great progress. And please keep praying for the Lord to be glorified – both through our trusting Him and through others’ heart attitude of giving to Him as a sincere act of worship.