When Fear Dissolves into Nothing

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Perfect love casts out all fear - Good Photo; Thanks to the GoSummerProjects.com Team!

Ready for summer?   Over 2,500 American college students are ready.  They’re ready, by faith, to trust God with their summer plans.   These students have made preparation to go on a summer missions project with Cru.   This is a big deal.   Taking a step of faith like this can be a bit scary, but a huge faith-builder for these students.

About 25 years ago (gulp, has it been that long?), Shannon and I each went on a different Cru summer missions project.  God truly worked.  It was a life changing summer.

Over 70 of these missions projects will take students to countries overseas – areas where Campus Crusade already has an ongoing outreach.   From South America to Asia, the gospel will be communicated one-on-one through these student missionaries.   Another 4 dozen or so summer missions projects take place here in the USA – including creative venues the students will create to build relationships with inner city homeless, youth and even student athlete training camps.  It’s all for the purpose of sharing – by word and deed – the reality of who Jesus is and how He completely transforms hearts.

photo of Brandon courtesy of the GoSummerProject.com teamBrandon (pictured here) experienced feelings of fear and inadequacy as he approached his missions project last year.   See his story here and learn how God used the fear to build his faith: “When we look at God and how big He is and focus on what He has done for us, fear dissolves into nothing. Only the grace of God is left,” said Brandon.

As a side note, our team in Orlando developed the web hosting, financial tracking and content management systems which are empowering these 2,500 students to create a simple website – telling their stories and raising their financial support for their summer expenses.   See one example of such a website created by a student here.

Imagine the lives that will be changed this summer!   Thank you for serving with us to make all this possible!