How’s Your Breathing?

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Display images to see the short new video about Spiritual BreathingNew short movie by JesusFilm Media – a ministry of Cru:   In this video optimized for smartphone viewing, a fictional story in Africa unfolds to powerfully explain the concepts of spiritual breathing.

Ever heard of Spiritual Breathing?  The concept of spiritually exhaling and inhaling is a cornerstone analogy used in many of Campus Crusade’s teaching and training materials.

 Exhale your own self-driven incapacity to live a life bearing eternal fruit and true spiritual power.   Confess your sins.  Admit your weaknesses.  Cast your faithless actions and attitudes to Him.  Keep breathing out anything you’re aware of that disrupts your fellowship with Christ.

But don’t turn blue before following the next step…

Inhale the refreshing, clean, life-giving spiritual power found only through the Holy Spirit.   When you inhale, you’re simply appropriating the resources in the “air” which are already available to you if you know Jesus and are His child.   Inhaling means putting your trust in the Holy Spirit’s power to live His life through you.  It is abiding in Him.  Spiritual fruit is a result of inhaling.

Display images to see how the movies look on a mobile phone

Assurance of Salvation

Fellowship of Believers

The Holy Spirit (Spiritual Breathing)

Walking In The Spirit

Growing In Christ

 See the movie clips (above) created by our team with the short film ministry of JesusFilm Media.  These were designed primarily for audiences in Africa but could be used anywhere.

We encourage you to download them on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  They’re excellent!   Share them on social media.   Use them as a teaching aid in your Bible Study or perhaps Vacation Bible Clubs for youth this summer.

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