Like Putting Man on the Moon

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Jesus gave his followers a clear goal in the Great Commission.   It is a simple goal.   Yet, its fulfillment is highly complex.   It’s kind of like putting a man on the moon.

Working in concert with many other organizations and churches, Cru has always had the Great Commission as a singular focus.

Did you know that Cru, along with a collective group of other mission organizations known as Table71, recently agreed to trust God to see 10 Million multiplying disciples raised up by the year 2020?   This in and of itself is a lofty goal – but it’s an intermediate, on-the-way-to-the-moon goal which we pray will deeply change lives, glorify God and bring us closer to the Great Commission.   Please pray for this!

Please watch the video to learn about the 3 stages of our process for achieving the goal – similar to 3 stages of a rocket.   No matter how familiar you are with Cru, the video brings clarity as to how we operate.

creative video explains Cru's ultimate mission and plan