Amazing Black Sheep Testimony

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After Shannon and I watched this video, we said “Wow!” and then “Praise the Lord.”  This is a true story.  God is at work.  And throughout the last several months of updates we’ve received from our partners in the Middle East, this story is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yet another great picture of God's grace - even in the Middle East

Do you know any black sheep or wayward sheep?  Jesus is the Good Shepherd even for aggressive resistant black sheep.

When I had the opportunity to meet Kamal (speaking in the video) a few years ago, I remember thinking, “this has to be one of the happiest, light-hearted and most loving people I have ever met.”  The love of the Good Shepherd was obvious then.  But see how Kamal’s life was changed from a dark past:

(watch the video)

God's grace at work