Living in an Open Field

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Although communication has been limited from our partners in Nepal, yesterday my friend Adam (not his real name) wrote, “we are still staying in the open field…house is not safe to enter…please continue to pray for relief work as some people are not getting even a simple tent and have problems for food, drinking water, etc; thank you so much for your prayer!”  Thank the Lord that He protected Adam from Saturday’s massive quake.

While studying at a university in Nepal, Adam came to know Jesus Christ.  A friend he met there invited Adam to listen to the story of Jesus as he explained it from the Bible.  Later Adam sought out a Bible of his own and, “while reading I found that ‘the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life,’ Romans 6:23.   I saw my deep need for Jesus and received Him.”

Imagine how differently Adam is now responding to the trauma of near-death and seeing death, injury and broad devastation as one who spiritually crossed over from death to life through the infinite sacrifice poured out by God’s only Son.  Followers of Jesus in his country are very much in the minority.

The only photo we have from Nepal is the one below provided by GAiN – the relief arm of Cru.  They deliver aid and conduct medical missions trips around the world.  You can follow their updates here.  Please pray for the relief teams to touch every person seeking safety in the open fields like Adam.

Shannon and I will be praying all day today.   This is one of two all-day global prayer initiatives held each year to connect with our staff worldwide.

Certainly we’d be glad to pray for you as well.   Whether your need seems small or large and desperate, please let us know.   Of course, we’ll reach out to the Lord on your behalf on any day you contact us – not just today.   …No expiration date on this offer!

photo courtesy of Global Aid Network - a ministry of Cru
Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the relief arm of Cru. Photo credit goes to GAiN.