CW’s Story

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Have you noticed someone like CW at your local coffee shop, grocery store or city park?  She is very quiet.  Perhaps if you attend a community college or have a family member who does, you will notice her there.  Although she speaks with an accent, her English conversation skills are very good.

In the middle of cities all across America, you’ll find families who have moved to our nation from a vast array of countries.  Some of them came here and quickly found a support network of other immigrants from their country.  But many came alone and find it challenging to connect with Americans.

Meet CW.  And praise the Lord for how CW met Jesus!  It’s a privilege to work alongside Cru’s Inner City Ministry as they reach out to people like CW, who might just be another face of a foreigner that gets lost in the shuffle.  The Lord is blessing their work.

Oh, and guess what happened after CW met Jesus?  It’s amazing.  You’ve got to watch this video: