Mrs. Bright’s Phone Call

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This morning we’ll be attending Vonette Bright’s memorial service.  You can watch it too – in real time or later by recorded video – see details below.

photo credit: Cru
Bill & Vonette Bright – circa 1999 photo credit: Cru and

What were Mrs. Bright’s parting words?  Barely three weeks before she passed away on Dec 23, she made a phone call to Dr. Steve Douglass (President of Cru) at a unique gathering of Campus Crusade’s top global staff leaders in Rome, Italy.  At the time, her health was relatively stable and her spirits were high.  What she had to say to those leaders was powerful and encouraging:

Listen to Mrs. Bright's phone call
Mrs. Bright’s parting words to Cru leadership.

Listening to her reminded us of two super critical foundational principles that Mrs. Bright fully exemplified and we strive to follow – living the fullest life possible in Christ:

 1) Prayer is the single most powerful activity we can engage in.   Vonette truly believed this.  It is an amazing privilege which unlocks our hearts before the King of the Universe, allowing us full access to “approach the throne of grace with confidence to find grace to help…”

2) Walking daily in the power of the Holy Spirit is a lesson we all must learn and relearn constantly.  Absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit is the only means by which believers can experience the soul satisfaction and fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness and self control.

Here is the recording of Vonette’s phone call.   Actually, it is a video with photos from the ministry and her talking in the background.  You’ll see and hear Dr. Douglass asking her a few questions.  Take special note of her final remarks starting approximately at 20minutes into her 22minute call:

Praise God for Vonette’s life!  What a moving testimony challenging us to joyfully surrender and fully obey Jesus’ command for the Great Commission.

Her memorial service begins at 10AM Eastern today.  You can view it live on your phone or computer here.  Or, view the service later.  It will be recorded for you to watch here.