What is BibleBox?

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Our teams are partnering together with distributors of the BibleBox WiFi device.   In short, this is a cheap and easy way to provide thousands of people daily with the Jesus Film, follow up content, Bible reading plans, and a vast array of other digital Christian-growth resources which are so readily available in the Western world that we often take it for granted.

What is a BibleBox?  Take a look at one below.   It is basically a simple, battery powered WiFi broadcaster that can store and distribute videos, books, audio sermons or any media to those who connect to it from their handheld device.  The idea is for believers to strategically place these devices – pre-loaded with God’s Word and resources in appropriate languages – in locations where little to no access to WiFi is available.

BibleBox - yep, it is that small;  photo from BibleBox.org
photo credit: BibleBox.org

In the US, it is getting difficult to go to any populated area and not find WiFi available.  But millions of people around the world own cell phones capable of receiving WiFi, yet there are very limited WiFi providers in their countries.  Here are a few examples of BibleBox use (list is from the BibleBox.org website):

A Christian in an apartment complex in Bangladesh uses his BibleBox to share Christian resources anonymously with others in his complex. They share resources and can even chat online using the BibleBox software out of sight to answer any questions or discuss issues.

A Taxi driver makes resources available to passengers as they journey with him.

Missionary families living in remote communities can have a BibleBox sitting on a window sill of their house or office making Bibles and learning resources available simply by having it turned on. Nothing else is required. Once the device is on anyone with a wifi enabled device simply connects to the BibleBox and can download the shared files.

See more at BibleBox.org