Happiest Day of the School Year

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Their happiest day is usually the last day!

Avery, Addison and Toby are smiling pretty wide as they finished up their school year over a week ago.

One of the fringe benefits of homeschooling is that, if the kids work hard, they can actually finish all assignments, reports and end-of-year testing a couple weeks before public schools finish up around here.  Whew!  They’re done.  Summer is here!

Would you take 2 minutes to pray for Avery, Addison and Toby?   We’re grateful for the Lord’s work in their lives and grateful for your positive influence and encouragement to spur their growth.

1)   Pray for their minds, hearts and bodies to continue to be engaged in learning, listening to the Lord and serving others this summer.   Pray for them to experience the deep love and freedom that only the gospel brings.
2)   Thank the Lord for the many great friends and growth opportunities He has provided for our kids this year;  we couldn’t do it without a great homeschool co-op and other supporting friends
3)   Pray for good rest for the school teacher (Shannon) and students, but also wise stewardship of time.  Next year Avery will be entering 12th grade, Addison 9th and Toby 7th

Here are a few photos from their school year:

Check out Avery and Addison in the State House of Representatives!
Avery and Addison at the state capital for a student leadership conference.  Don’t they look important sitting in those chairs?
Video of their hovercraft!
Toby and Avery worked together on a science fair project.  They built a working hovercraft!
Toby combines soccer and ripstick
Toby just finished a year long soccer season.  After the games, he would often hop over to the skateboard park – still in his uniform!