Shannon’s Story

Shannon - full time with Cru and full time Mom

While working on an Accounting degree at Virginia Tech, I began to realize that there was more to the Christian life than I had ever understood.  Many students around me did not know Christ, and still others did know Christ but never seemed to live out a day-to-day relationship with Him.  Through my involvement with Cru, God began to show me that He could use me to help reach both sets of people. Many students, whether they realized it or not, were searching for the lasting joy that only Christ can give.  Several students I began to get to know were greatly changed by God’s grace (including me!) and soon they began sharing their faith with others.  It was so exciting to see the lost changed into witnesses!

I completed my Accounting degree and considered how the Lord would have me be a good steward over all He had shown me in college.  Although there were several attractive job offers from accounting firms, I sensed that the best way the Lord could use me was through evangelism and discipleship offered by serving with Cru – then known as Campus Crusade for Christ.

I joined as a full time on-campus staff member with Cru in 1994.  David and I met in 1995 and married in 1996.  We have three children: Avery (1999), Addison (2002) and Toby (2004).